Louis Milani Elementary School

Logistics Planning - Buddies



Proposal A:

Walking field trips to Birch Grove Park

Proposal B:

Virtual buddies through Google Sites (blogs, video streaming, etc.)

Proposal C:

Buddies within the school
(narrower grade spans)

** TK/1 buddies, K/2 buddies

** 3/5 buddies, 4/6 buddies


  • Begin this year to build relationships, include community of students in social functions

  • Incorporate science and other learning activities- reading, community building

  • Knowing community

  • Art lessons

  • PE- walking, exercise

  • Big kids walking more

  • Getting the two schools to meet

  • A way to keep the buddy system in place after the changes

  • Alternate learning location

  • Fun learning experience

  • If once a month, it is not far to walk

  • Started this year

  • Have older students walk to the K-2 campus

  • Get out of the classroom

  • Extroverts

  • Science-related nature walks

  • Can write letters to buddies in alternate weeks to develop writing skills

  • Physical activity

  • Socialization



  • Safety

  • Depends on size of group to park

  • Weather

  • Snacks

  • Time constraints, time-consuming scheduling

  • Bathrooms are not clean at park

  • Weather

  • Is there a permission slip for walking off campus?

  • Taking children out- logistics- field trip- is this beneficial?

  • Need parent chaperones

  • Student associations with park and playing

  • Physically tiring

  • There are unsavory people hanging out in that park occasionally

  • Sign-up for volunteers can be part of registration packet

  • Ohlone volunteers?

  • Park bad environment

  • Keeping students on task

  • This is a small part of the program and too much time would be spent

  • Stagger which grades go to park

  • Police involvement for specific times when field trips occur to the park

  • Both done in combination

  • Parents might not agree with children losing instructional minutes for this

  • To make it work- all classes do on one day a month so everyone is on board and make it happen smoothly

  • Parents need to know when kids need to be at the other campus for drop-offs

  • Can parents opt out? What happens to their students?

  • Can we have a school bus?

  • Additional supervision for walks, parents- like an actual field trip

  • Structure for introverts


  • New- exciting for children

  • Perfect blend for the times

  • Exposure to technology

  • Could be in addition to face-to-face, not isolated

  • Chat and meet are part of professional life

  • Skills to use later in life

  • Teachers tech skills; attractive approach to this demographic



  • May be difficult for students who have limited exposure to technology

  • Limits personal interaction that buddies bring

  • Alternate plan for “emergencies” due to weather, but not the norm

  • Can combine Proposal A & B together

  • Do video streaming this year to get to know each other

  • Breakage of Chromebooks for younger students

  • 1 to 1 ratio? Chromebooks and headphones

  • Not as personal

  • Video conferencing is NOT good for reading- it’s for face-to-face communication

  • They need to physically be together

  • IT issues- support restrictions, monitor social media

  • Things you can’t learn- social interaction

  • Keep activities focused on learning; current practice is they pick up garbage

  • May work if only have video opportunities

  • Kids stay too much in front of computer

  • Groups with Proposal A- chat and meet

  • Block games, Face Time

  • Timers to keep on track

  • Pediatric guidelines on screen time

  • Difficulty to emotionally connect with voice on screen

  • Could lose the benefits of the face-to-face daily relationship


  • Redefine buddies program- what activities they engage in- lunch, reading

  • Socially and academically more appropriate

  • On site close age buddies help the kids to get to know each other on their own sites

  • Bonding because closer in age

  • Yes- simpler activities- board games

  • Best for safety

  • Mingle, get to know each other

  • Start reading young

  • Students have a couple years as younger recipient buddy, then a couple as older sharing buddy, then 2 as recipient, etc.

  • Physically more feasible

  • Leadership opportunity



  • Level of reading skills of 2nd grade students to K/1

  • Miss connection with older students

  • Students would miss out on the cross-site connection

  • Not a big enough grade/age span

  • Homework tutoring

  • Challenging for children who develop slowly?

  • Is the age difference enough to really establish a “buddy” relationship?

Alternate Proposals

Alternate Proposals:


Blend of all Proposals

  • Are shuttles or buses available?

  • Can older kids come to younger kids, for library visits for example?

  • Could start this year across campuses

  • Play dates and tours

  • Combine and add in writing letters, pictures for little kids

  • One week each method per month

  • Develops all skills

  • Do once a quarter



  • Bring together one of each grade together as a family (TK, K, 1, etc.) once a month

  • Could be done with buddies within school


Bring/Bus Together Every One/Two Weeks

  • Better than walking across a busy street


Drop the Program


Have HS/JHS Buddies


5th/6th Grade Buddies

  • Divide 5th/6th graders 1 day per month or every other month to reach at primary, ex: 5th/6th graders in K, 1, 2, 3, 4 classes


Have Buddies from Same and Other School