Louis Milani Elementary School

Logistics Planning Staggered Start/End Times


Logistic: Staggered Start/End Times

*NTA Contract: 382 minutes per day  (327 instructional minutes, 40 minute lunch, 15 minute recess)


Proposal A:

K-2 8:10 -2:32

3-6 8:25 - 2:47

Proposal B:

K-2 8:00 - 2:22

3-6 8:15 - 2:37

Proposal C:

K-6 8:10 - 2:32


  • Will work for walking

  • 15 minute time difference

  • Later start for upper grades allows drop off after NJHS with 8:15 start



  • This is the same end time (within 3 minutes) of the JH

  • Childcare times

  • Little ones could be left longer and make them nervous

  • Could do a 10 minute gap for example 8:10 and 8:20

  • Parents can make sure the younger kids get to the classrooms

  • Switch so younger students start later

  • Late start time for 3-6


  • Staggered for sure!

  • Olders 1st! Agreed!

  • Will work for walking

  • Can work with NJHS if JH staggers by 10 minutes



  • Traffic flow at Milani needs to change. Parents should not block the flow of the street

  • The JH start and end time needs to be considered

  • JH ends at 2:45, which is 7 minutes later than this time- a tight schedule!

  • It’s a challenge to make it earlier

  • Could NJHS move to 8:25-2:5 so that all grades start at staggered times?


  • Will work for walking



  • Too much traffic

  • NO- impractical

  • Busing between the two schools

  • Parking lines need to be redesigned

  • Need to stagger to allow drop-off if students in both grade levels

  • Won’t work for multiple kids

Alternate Proposals

Alternate Proposals:

3-6 8:00 - 2:22

K-2 8:25 - 2:47

Alternate Proposals:

3-6 8:10

K-2 8:25

Alternate Proposals:



  • Will work for walking

  • Drop off older 1st then be able to spend time with younger at drop-off time 15-20 minutes later

  • Kids are more independent for older and support younger children

  • We agree with this proposal

  • Most parents want to stay with their K-2 students, so they should drop off 3-6 first so that this is possible

  • Younger kids need more supervision

  • Older kids need less supervision



  • Can there be a single drop-off site with shuttles?

  • K-2 having a later end time can be difficult


  • Will work for walking

  • Like this start of 8:10 older drop-off first

  • Allows Bunker parents with two students not to double-cross the street

  • Could work for families who drop off younger and have older once NHJS students walk

  • Developmentally appropriate



  • This end time consideration is far left

  • Shorten discrepancy to 10 minutes? or 5?

  • Start older kids first so they can be dropped off first (more responsible and mature and can handle it) and younger kids may need more to get out of car seats or parents made need to check in with teacher

  • Older kids are able to walk independently to the lower campus and parent pick-up in only campus for afterschool child care arrangements

  • Carpool and walking groups would need to be functioning to make it work

  • A rush of everyone moving at once

K-2 8:09-2:32

3-6: 7:58-2:22

  • Only one change in start/end times


K-2: 8:10-2:32

3-6: 8:33-2:56

  • Separate dismissal of grades 3-6 time from JH dismissal at 2:45

  • Asking JH to change times might be a challenge


Early drop-off times (e.g. 7:45 at both schools)

  • Can walking only families get to both site in time?

Considerations for Above Proposals

  • Other school traffic crossing town to NJHS and NMHS

  • Are all other elementary, NJHS, NMHS staying with current times?

  • Elementary still getting out at 1:05 on Fridays?

  • Single grade classes?

  • Bunker parking lot is more conducive to traffic flow. Milani does not have safe parking

  • JH 8:15-2:45

  • Parking lot by MOT needs to be redefined. What about the water way in between?

  • Because of parking issues, other kids should be at Bunker.

  • Have a monitored area for afterschool pick-up.

  • Will need to create traffic flow- open by tennis court on Birch

  • Can we offer free after school programs?

  • Families will be losing the connection in the mornings and after school between parents, and how will parents be able to stay with their kids if parents are worried about “getting to the next school”?

  • Has there been any data collected about driving back and forth between the two schools?

  • What happens if one child is tardy, then other child is tardy- get rid of tardy system/re-evaluate tardy system?

  • Requires parents’ flexibility to meet drop-off times

  • Can parents drop off in cafeteria early 7:15 with supervision (campus monitors)? Also for kids who aren’t eating?

  • Older kids should start earlier so they can get out earlier to pick up younger siblings. May want to lead up the JH then HS as well.

  • Older kids start first

  • Takes longer to pick up- at least 20 minutes

  • Start at least 20 minutes apart

  • Make sure teachers let kids out on time

  • Allow a place for students to be dropped off early (and not have to eat breakfast)