Louis Milani Elementary School

Characters of Education

Every month Milani highlights a positive character trait we value in our students.

These Characters of Education emphasize that Milani Elementary is a Caring School Community!

September: Respect

Respect: Show respect for yourself, others and your environment. Be considerate and polite.

October: Responsibility

Responsibility: Do the right thing and be reliable. Use self-control and think before you act. Consider the consequences.

November & December: Kindness & Empathy

Kindness & Empathy: Help one another, express gratitude and forgive the wrongs of others. Try to understand and identify with others' feelings or difficulties.

January: Honesty

Honesty: Be truthful, build a good reputation and do not cheat. Have integrity and be trustworthy.

February: Citizenship & Community Service

Citizenship & Community Service: Do your share to make your school, your community, and the world a better place. Take responsibility for what goes on around you. Follow the rules of your family, your school, and your society.

March: Cooperation

Cooperation: Work well with others. Be a team player, keep an open mind and listen effectively.

April: Perseverance

Perseverance: Try your hardest. Continued determination and practice makes perfect.

May: Positive Attitude

Positive Attitude: Be optimistic and cheerful. View the cup as half full, not half empty. Be a good sport.

June: Courage

Courage: Be brave and try and face difficult and uncertain situations without being overcome by fear.